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Chimney Installation and Maintenance Services
in Aurora, Richmind Hill, Markham, Stouffville,
and surrounding areas

Having a chimney in your  home is a great addition to any home but chimneys are one of those things around your home that will require maintenance at one point or another. Because it is near the highest point of the roof, it is vulnerable and unprotected to the changing weather conditions. Your chimney may require attention if it was built or repaired incorrectly, if it is placed in a bad location or is used frequently without proper cleaning.

For the past three decades, Contractors Masonry Ltd. has been building and repairing a vast number of chimneys across Aurora and the surrounding areas. From single chimneys to multi-flue chimneys, we pride ourselves on being able to match the existing bricks and chimneys correctly with all of its components intact, as well as informing our customers whether a repair is sufficient or a rebuild is required. We explain things to you in a very easy to understand language, so that you are able to make an informed decision based on our expert advice and your personal desires and budget. We also provide services for fireplaces, steps & walkways and various other concrete projects!

If the chimney in your home needs repair, contact our team today!