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Needing concrete work in York Region? Call on the reliable team at Contractors Masonry Ltd! Since 1976, we have covered every facet of concrete work and can help you with your new installation, repair, or upgrade.

No matter the type of concrete project, you’re in good hands with Contractors Masonry Ltd. Our services are available for:

  • Foundations
  • Landings
  • Driveways
  • Block Work
  • Steps
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Verandas…and much more!

Whenever you need concrete work in Aurora, we’ll be there. Simply give us a call to discuss your project, or visit our gallery to see some of our latest concrete work in York Region and the surrounding areas.

Foundations: Great Concrete Work in Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora and surrounding areas.

For centuries, foundations have been formed using concrete, with the most popular styles being concrete masonry units, pier or pillar foundations, and slab foundations. Depending on your type of soil, we can help you find the best type of method to ensure a long-lasting foundation. Here are just a few tidbits of information concerning each of the previously mentioned methods:

  • Slab Foundations — Slab foundations remain popular as they are simple, relatively inexpensive, and remove the need for any major excavation, or footings and foundation walls to be installed. There are also variations on slab foundations to account for wet or dry areas, as well as hot and cold climates (or a mix of the two).
  • Pier and Pillar Foundations — For small structures, a pier and pillar foundation may be all that is needed to support a structural beam or post. Before the concrete has a chance to set, anchor plates or bolts are driven into the pier footer. This makes it easy to attach a post or beam, while also delivering a better end result.
  • Concrete Block Foundation Walls — at Contractors Masonry Ltd., we build our foundation walls using concrete blocks. Often, the term CMU is used, which is simply the technical term for Concrete Masonry Unit. Whether it is a plain block foundation wall, or a partially reinforced or solid wall, we can achieve this by simply adding horizontal wire reinforcement, vertical bar reinforcement or grout. Depending on what is required or what the drawing calls for, we can achieve any level of strength required for any given project. We achieve this just by knowing the various materials available, the locations of walls, and the ability to interpret an engineer’s design. You’ll know you are in capable hands at Contractors Masonry Ltd. Let us help you get out of the ground!

Choosing Between Asphalt and Concrete Walkways in York Region

When it comes to deciding on whether to install an asphalt or concrete walkway, many families and businesses choose concrete. While asphalt may be cheaper to install, it also requires more maintenance and will break down and need to be replaced sooner than compared to a concrete sidewalk installed at the same time. Because of its longevity, concrete is actually cheaper if you spread the cost of installation over its functional lifespan.

Do you take pride in your home’s appearance? Concrete is often viewed as being more attractive than asphalt. Are there children or grandchildren that run around outside? Concrete will also be cooler to the touch when walking it across it barefooted.

Concrete is also a more eco-friendly and sustainable option when compared to petroleum-based asphalt. In fact, some municipalities are now banning certain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-containing sealants as they have shown to be very harmful to fish and wildlife, and may be a possible carcinogen to humans

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