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Get Beautiful Steps and Walkways in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Stouffville and Surrounding Areas

Steps and walkways have similar functions, yet obvious differences. They both serve as a means of helping you travel from one point to another. However, one allows you to walk along the ground similar to a sidewalk and the other gets you from one level to another level using a set of steps. Because of this difference, they must also be constructed differently. Walkways should be installed on grade and be allowed to move with the ground, while steps and porches should be installed with foundation walls below them so that they stay still and don’t move–the way your house sits on a foundation.

Operating since 1976, we have had a lot of experience installing many steps, porches and walkways over the years using materials such as concrete blocks, stone, concrete masonry units, brick pavers and various landscape materials. Each material requires a slightly different approach and installation method, depending on the location, purpose, the amount of people using the steps or walkway, your personal desire for the final appearance and your budget. Let the professionals at Contractors Masonry Ltd. help you with that decision!